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Join Nepal's Premier Poetry Reality Show, The Poet Idol Season 2! in Utpala Cafe

Are you ready to make your poetic dreams a reality? Nepal's esteemed poetry reality show, 'The Poet Idol,' is back with its highly anticipated second season, and this time, it's going global with digital auditions!

Directed by the visionary Aman Pratap Adhikari, 'The Poet Idol Season 2' is set to be a platform for aspiring poets from all corners of the world to showcase their talent and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or a newcomer to the poetry scene, this is your chance to shine. 'The Poet Idol Season 2' is proudly organized and sponsored by Utpala Cafe, a leading vegan eatery in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here's everything you need to know about the digital audition process:

1. Audition Details:

The digital audition phase commenced on the 10th of Ashoj and will continue until the 15th of Kartik. Contestants are required to submit a video of themselves reciting their original poetry. The submission platforms include Viber, WhatsApp, E-mail, or Messenger.

2. Language Requirements:

Your poetry must be composed in at least 75% Nepali language, with the remaining 25% open to any language of your choice. This allows for cultural diversity and artistic expression.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

To participate in the audition, you must be above 18 years old. Additionally, contestants are requested to provide a copy of their citizenship along with their poetry submission.

4. Submission Details:

Send your poetry video to the designated email address,, or via WhatsApp at 9808116644.

5. Originality is Key:

Remember, only original poetry will be accepted for the audition. Plagiarism or lack of authenticity will result in disqualification from the competition. Let your unique voice and creativity shine through!

6. Previous Success:

In the inaugural season of 'The Poet Idol,' we witnessed the crowning of Nilam Gurung, a talented poet from Sikkim. Will you be the next Poet Idol?

'The Poet Idol Season 2' is proudly organized and sponsored by Utpala Cafe, a leading vegan eatery in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. Known for its delectable plant-based cuisine and peaceful ambiance, Utpala Cafe is the perfect place to relax and unwind. As a cultural hub, the cafe fosters creativity and community, making it an ideal venue for celebrating the beauty of poetry and discovering new talent. Join us at Utpala Cafe for a culinary and artistic experience like no other!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to share your voice with the world. Submit your original poetry today and take the first step towards poetic stardom!

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