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History of Utpala Cafe

Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery started Utpala Cafe under the leadership of the Buddhist guru Choki Nyima Rinpoche. After the establishment of the monastery, the Rangjung Yeshe Institute was opened for the study of Buddhist philosophy. The canteen was opened in the year 2076 for domestic and foreign students coming to study in the same institute. Prior to that, the monastery was established in 1974. This monastery was inaugurated by King Birendra.

When the students who came to study stayed in different hotels, they suffered from digestive problems because of the poor quality of the food. To prevent that situation from happening, we have been very careful to provide healthy, fresh & clean food at discounted prices.

During the corona epidemic, foreign tourists who could not return to the country due to the lockdown were given free food for seven months.

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